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    PowerShield³ provides efficient, userfriendly UPS management, displaying all major operational information such as input voltage, applied load and battery charge. The software also provides detailed
    information on fault conditions and UPS operating states. Developed with a client/server architecture, it is the ideal tool for managing multi-platform network systems.

    Riello Software - PowerShield³

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      • PowerShield³ FULL version: supports up to maximum of 32 UPS for all operating systems.
      • With sequential and priority-based shutdown, PowerShield³ provides unattended shut-down of all networked PCs, saving any active work on the most widely used applications. Users can definethe shutdown priorities for the various computers in the network and can also customise the procedure.
      • With multi-platform compatibility, PowerShield³ uses the TCP/IP communications protocol to achieve standardised management and monitoring across the widest possible range of platforms. This makes it possible to monitor computers with different operating systems from a single console, for example monitoring a UNIX server from a PC running Windows and also connecting to UPS located in different geographical areas using dedicated networks (intranets) or the Internet.
      • With event scheduling, PowerShield³ users can program their own shutdown procedures, detailing power-off and power-up scenarios to increase system security and save energy.
      • With messages management, PowerShield3 keeps users constantly informed about the status of UPS and environmental sensors, either locally or via network messages. A list can also be defined of users who should receive e-mails, faxes, voice messages and SMS messages when faults or sudden mains power supply failures occur.
      • Integrated SNMP agent: PowerShield³ features an integrated SNMP agent for UPS management which can send all the information required and generate traps using the RFC1628 standard, and environmental sensors.
      • Secure, easy to use and connect; communication is now password protected to ensure UPS system security. Using the new discovery/ browsing function, all UPS connected to a protected computer and/or LAN can be displayed in a list format for monitoring. In the absence of a LAN connection, support is provided for modem-based communication.

      Developed for virtualized systems
      PowerShield³ permits to initiate live migration of virtual machines (VM) to automatically and transparently migrate VMs during power disturbance to protected devices by UPS with migration systems
      such as VMware vMotion™ and Microsoft Live Migration. PowerShield3 can monitor and manage UPS either inside or outside the data centre. Can also measure power consumption to help calculate power usage effectiveness (PUE), a the standard metric utilized for gauging data centre power efficiency.


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