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Reliable, Efficient, Professional

Our Services

Take advantage of our years of experience, and commitment to service excellence. Our youthful and dynamic are on-call 24/7 to provide services for:

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply System (Riello UPS)

  • Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

  • Full range of SLA Batteries

  • Medical Isolated Power System (IPS)

  • Precision Air Conditioning System (CRAC)

  • Water Leak Detection System (WDS)

  • Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)

  • Very Early Smoke Detection Alarm System (VESDA)

  • High Sensitivity Smoke Detection System (HSSD)

  • Builder Works including raised flooring system, fire rated brick wall, partition, ceiling and associated works

  • Fire Suppression System

  • Structure Cabling and Securities System

  • Generator Set System

  • Electrical Switchboard and distribution board up to final sub-circuit

  • And more.


Your business is our business

Service Team


Our highly-trained engineers are committed to providing reliable, competent and efficient technical support all year round.


Dedicated 24/7 support team​

Get direct access to our service team whenever you call.

On-site support

For larger UPS that cannot be transported, regardless of warranty period. Fast repair guaranteed through state-of-the-art UPS technology, service professionalism, and assistance of Authorized Service Partners. All spare parts are original, tested and up-to-date.

Assistance during installation and start-up

Our service team can also provide assistance during installation and initial product start-up, along with on-site training.

Verification of site suitability

We can also help analyse and advise on rental solutions; disconnect and relocate equipment.​


Maintenance contracts

Minimise risks and costs connected with UPS breakdown. Maintenance contracts include periodic inspections to comprehensive coverage including parts and manual labour.​

Regular training courses
Held every month for all clients at the Riello UPS Authorized Training Center.

Let us help you increase efficiency

installation white.png

Installation & Commissioning

Our certified team comes with vast experience in onsite installation and commissioning.

Minimal interruption

We get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Flexible schedules
Evening and weekend shifts are available.

Method statements and risk assessments

Standard practice for every installation and commissioning work

Training courses
We also train your staff to manage the process. Details in training column.

​Load Bank and Battery Impedance tests
Available upon request.


Preventive Maintenance

Avoid costly breakdowns that could lead to a loss of revenue. Reduce downtime. Keep operations at maximum efficiency levels.


  • Extension of asset lifetime

  • Increased safety, and reduced risk of injury

  • Optimized resource planning and allocation

  • Less expensive corrective repairs

  • Enhanced margins and profits due to less downtime


Training & Guidance

We provide UPS maintenance and safety training, including how to handle UPS and battery banks, to all customers.


Training also includes instructions for proper construction and operation, and what to do in the event of emergency shutdowns.


Course participants will have a better understanding of UPS and battery bank technologies.

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